The small town of Pinkafeld in southern Burgenland is close to the A2 motorway between the towns of Vienna and Graz and has its own exit. The Illa and Oscar Szemes Winery is situated in the centre of town.

Weinhof Illa & Oscar Szemes
Tibor Szemes Nachfolge KG
Weinhoferplatz 5-7
7423 Pinkafeld, Austria
Tel.: 0043-(0)3357/42367

Neckenmarkt & Horitschon

Neckenmarkt and Horitschon in the north of central Burgenland, are two of the best known wine-growing towns in Austria. Together with the nearby towns of Deutschkreuz, Lutzmannsburg, Raiding, Unterpetersdorf and Großwarasdorf, Horitschon and Neckenmarkt make up “Blaufränkisch Land” named after the Blaufränkisch grape that thrives there.