Da G’Spritzte© (The Spritzer)

The best bottled spritzer in Austria

Developed and produced by Oscar Szemes and Thomas Straka, a white spritzer is the quintessentially Austrian, cult drink. Generally, a spritzer is made of 50 % Austrian white wine and sparkling, preferably soda, water.

It is important when choosing, to use mild, neutral-tasting water, as the taste of the wine should not be affected. Water for Da G’Spritzte© comes from a source in Markt Allhau in southern Burgenland. It has exclusively good qualities and was found very pleasing in blind tastings.

Logically, the most important criterion for a good spritzer is the wine. Basically any wine can be used.

Grüne Veltliner is one of the most popular with caterers. However more aromatic wines are being used more and more for mixing with soda water. A Muscat spritzer is for example, very popular amongst young people. Da G’Spritzte© contains a mix of both. We aim to appeal to both the more traditional spritzer drinker and those who prefer a more fruity variety, rich in aroma.

A spritzer is typically served in a glass mug or a short stemmed glass. In the last few years however, the use of an elegant wineglass with a long stem has become more common, which shows just how much more valued this simple drink has become.