Central Burgenland DAC

Blaufränkisch Terroir

In the whole of the province of Burgenland, conditions are excellent for the making of superb red wines. It is the warmest and sunniest region of Austria and is therefore perfect for growing Austria´s most important and interesting variety of vine – the Blaufränkisch grape. It has been grown here for centuries. Ideal conditions are also found in Central Burgenland about 10 km south of Neusiedlersee. This is the second largest steppe lake in continental Europe and has a regulating influence on the climate of the whole region. To the west, “Blaufränkisch Land” is bounded by the Landseer Mountains and to the east, the whole region opens up towards the Hungarian Plain.

This area provides the ideal terroir for the Blaufränkisch variety where it can grow to full perfection. DAC wines from Central Burgenland can be seen as authentic and typical, also on an international level. The “DAC - Districtus Austriae Controllatus” seal is only ever awarded to wines that have been evaluated by a tasting panel and found to be characteristic of the area from which they originate.

The Zweigelt variety of grape and international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot are also grown in Burgenland. They too, show international class when used together with Blaufränkisch in cuvées such as our Cuvée Desiderius. A minimum of 300 sunny days and precipitation of just 600mm a year guarantee excellent grape and subsequent wine quality.

Tibor Szemes was a pioneer in the making of high quality, Blaufränkisch wines. His widow Illa and son Oscar honour his legacy and are also committed to this goal.